Incorporating Social Recruiting Into Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

In the era of technology, social media is a large factor contributing to online triumph. Social media gives us the opportunity to connect with one another, share our successes and shortcomings, and do a magnitude of other things that affect our everyday lives. As the internet keeps evolving, social media will only continue to grow and give us access to millions of pieces of content. 

However, social media is no longer just a space to share personal thoughts and feelings – it is also an easy way for corporations to share their own information, upcoming events, and culture with the world. Knowing this, it is only fitting that companies should incorporate social media methodologies into everyday corporate usage in addition to utilizing it for recruitment efforts. An article by the Harvard Business Review states that 58% of companies are currently engaged on social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) with an additional 21% currently in the process of implementing a formal social media strategy. 


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So, how can you ensure that your company is capitalizing on social media as a tool for improving your corporate recruiting strategy? 


What is Social Recruiting?


To understand how to incorporate social media into your recruitment strategy, you first need to know what social recruiting is. Social recruiting is the process of recruiting candidates directly through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, online forums, and blogs. A study done by the Aberdeen Group found that nearly three-quarters of candidates between the ages of 18-34 found their most recent job via social media. 


So why go social for your recruiting efforts? Well, for one thing, recruiting through social media can save a ton of time! The back and forth process with traditional recruitment methods can lead to a lag between eager candidates and hiring companies. 20% of recruiters report that social recruiting takes less time than those traditional methods. This is beneficial for both job seekers and talent acquisition professionals. 


Recruitment Marketing Definition


One of the best ways to utilize social media for your corporate needs is to showcase your company by spotlighting your culture, highlighting your employees, and sharing client success stories. 


Spotlighting Culture 

Whether it’s through sharing content from a company community service day or an office game night, displaying positive company culture through social media can create a big draw for jobseekers. According to an article by BuiltIn, 46% of job seekers cite company culture as the most important factor when choosing to apply to a company. Ultimately, if your company culture is successful and it shows through your social content, it will turn your employees into brand ambassadors that can confirm a positive atmosphere with potential candidates. 


Highlighting Employees 

Employees interacting with a company's social content can have a powerful impact. When a candidate comes to your social media, they are looking for content that they can relate to and align with their personal values. It doesn’t have to be all numbers and logistics; showing pictures of your employees doing what they do best can have a major influence! 55% of job applicants worldwide say that they were influenced by employee testimonials on social networks. By giving your employees the ability to express their experiences and opportunities within the company in the form of testimonials and quotes can yield great results. 


Sharing Client Success Stories 

Company culture and an employee-centric atmosphere are both important, but in most cases, applicants want to make sure they are applying to a company with proven success. By sharing client success stories in the form of picture highlights, case studies, or even blog posts on social networks, company victories can be displayed in an interactive and creative way. Not only is this helpful content for jobseekers to see, but it can also draw in more clients in the long run. Just another reason to keep up to date with your social media posts – you never know what good things could come out of them as a result of a few likes and shares! 


Navigating the Different Platforms



LinkedIn is the most popular professional network. Your company likely already has some kind of presence on this platform but by keeping your posts consistent and relevant to your industry, you can appeal to potential candidates and get the word out about vacancies efficiently! It was found that 89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn and over 10 million applicants have found their current job through the platform, so this outlet is extremely essential. LinkedIn helps to make recruiting easy by offering features such as a ‘Careers’ page, advanced keyword searches, and InMail capabilities to directly message candidates. 



Facebook is all about building a network of trusted relationships. This is by far one of the more personal social media sites and you can learn a lot about users through their profiles and what they post. As a company, you want to utilize your Facebook business profile to cultivate relationships with your followers, who in more cases than not can turn out to be potential candidates! Facebook (along with most of the other social media platforms) provides a way to ‘sponsor’ and ‘boost’ posts through paid advertisements to get your offerings in front of the right people. Paid ads can be an effective way to target the most qualified candidates and easily reach out to them via the platform. 



Twitter is the platform established around clear and concise messages. With a character limit on each tweet, this is another network that requires innovative thinking for corporate sharing, but it can be extremely effective. As the birthplace of the #hashtag, Twitter offers the ability to search relevant content from a company that can display industry trends, company culture, and job postings all in one place. On this platform, it is also very common for companies to have separate accounts, one that reflects the corporate side of things and one specifically designated as a ‘jobs’ account that promotes open positions and other company information for candidates to learn about. 



Instagram is built around sharing life through photos. It may take some out of the box thinking to have this platform apply to your company, but there is plenty of room to grow on corporate Instagram! With both video and photo sharing capabilities, your organization can give an inside look into your company culture through day-in-the-life content, company culture photos, and employee spotlights to help find applicants that will appreciate your company atmosphere.  


Ultimately, incorporating social recruiting into your talent acquisition strategy can have a major positive impact on your company. By mastering social media best practices and understanding the different platforms, your company can stay on top of the ever-evolving social media trends for years to come.  


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