Maintaining a Strong Employer Brand through Virtual Campus Recruiting

The campus recruiting season is in full swing, and there have been many changes and adjustments made to ensure a successful virtual recruiting experience for companies and candidates alike. With the dismissal of in-person campus visits, post-fair interviews, and a lack of the usual career fair atmosphere, it can be challenging to maintain a strong employer brand in a virtual setting.

According to an article by Workable, 9 out of 10 candidates would apply for a job where an employer brand is actively maintained. In every good recruitment strategy, the display of a consistent and well-founded employer brand is important to share with potential candidates - especially those looking for an entry-level position. A career fair (even virtually) is the perfect opportunity to use your strong employer brand to attract great new talent to your company. 

So, how can you convey your employer brand through virtual campus recruiting? 


Here’s a quick overview:

  • Update the ‘careers’ tab on your company website and make it user- friendly and accessible for potential candidates 
  • Showcase how you’ve adjusted your business strategy to take into account what your employees need to perform at home or in a safe business environment
  • Create a digital strategy that reaches the new generation of employees through social media
  • Keep up with company appearance and incorporate solid content into your career fair information that conveys your brand effectively
  • Prepare for the future by understanding employees' needs in current times and how to fulfill them

Want to get more details on how to successfully execute a virtual campus recruiting strategy? Download our free guide to Virtual Campus Recruiting for an overview of what to expect this school year, then reference our Post-Pandemic Talent Acquisition eBook for some additional insight into adapting your corporate strategy.


Update Career Sites

One of the first things to do in preparation for any career fair, but especially a virtual one, is updating your career website to reflect open positions and company culture. This will most likely be the first place that students visit on your website, so ensuring it's up to date, visually appealing, and easy to navigate is incredibly important. This is also a great opportunity to display your employer brand and connect with students who have interest in applying by including graphics, testimonials, and stories of employees that joined your company in an entry-level position. Lighthouse Research & Advisory found that “55% of active job seekers said that employee-generated testimonials would be more credible/trustworthy than company produced videos/general information”, so there is certainly room to make an impact with employee-focused content. Be sure to create a stand-out career site landing page that includes information about company culture, opportunities for continued professional development, and recent pictures that show what your company is all about.


Show an Adjusted Strategy 

The worldwide pandemic was an unanticipated event for all of us. Many companies have taken the past few months to not only rebuild their corporate strategy, but completely readjust it in preparation for the return to a ‘new normal’. While revenue is still an important piece of any organization's wellbeing, the focus has shifted to safeguarding employees' welfare during a difficult time. Going into a virtual career fair, it is important to understand and propery express to candidates how your company has addressed the pandemic and adjusted your overall corporate strategy to address the needs of employees. The burning question you can expect to be asked by candidates is ‘how has your company supported its employees during the pandemic?’. Having a developed and knowledgeable response that relays the adjustments your organization made can help support your employer brand and establish trust with candidates. 


Digital Outreach

Digital is the future of society in all capacities, including talent acquisition. Now more than ever, it is important to have a strong presence on social media to attract and retain the interest of potential candidates. The generation now entering the workforce is most comfortable and adept at using their social media skills to research organizations prior to applying. Producing captivating content that appeals to your target audience will be crucial to obtaining new talent. A strong digital presence that highlights your company values across a variety of platforms will allow you to visually tell the story of your company culture and employer brand. 


Prepare for the Future

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can never know what’s in store for the future. However, by planning for all circumstances, your company will be prepared to continue modifying and implementing strategies and programs that address and fulfill the needs of your employees. Happy and engaged employees leads to a better workplace with increased productivity and a desire to come into work each day (whether that be in-person or remotely). Employees are the building blocks of any corporation and the power behind continuous growth and prosperity. Keeping your employees' best interests at heart, giving them the resources they need to succeed, upholding company values, and responding to changes within your organization or workforce will all help to ensure that your employer brand is maintained.



These guidelines should help you incorporate your revamped company strategies and communicate your dedication to maintaining a strong employer brand in a virtual recruiting setting. Take the information with you by downloading our free guides!


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