Meet the Team: Aston Rankins

Position: Talent Consultant
Location: Langhorne, PA  
Joined ORS: January 2020
Alma Mater:  Kutztown University 

Why did you choose ORS?  

ORS provided me multiple avenues of opportunity to do more for a client than just fill positions. It gave me the resources and platform to help provide additional solutions for clients to make them even greater. ORS also surrounded me with talented team members whose experiences differ from one another allowing me to learn new things every day 


What do your family members think you do for work? 

My wife knows I work with companies and help them with filling positions. My 18-month-old believes I play a long game of hide and seek when I work from home. 


How would you describe a recruiter versus a talent consultant? 

A recruiter’s focus is to help fill the requirements provided by a client. As a talent consultant, you are going beyond that. You are helping to provide your clients insight on solutions that could help better their organization infrastructure, branding, and even hiring process to give them an edge over their competitors. 


What has been the most exciting or rewarding project you’ve taken part in while at ORS? 

While I have only been with ORS for 10 months, ORS gave me the chance to be exposed to different industries through partnering with different clients. With each project, you gain new knowledge and understanding about industry trends in addition to how clients differ in their approach to hiring processes. It truly gave me new ways to provide support and learn creative ways to give solutions throughout the project.  


What is most challenging about your position? 

Challenges arise every day in the world of talent acquisition, whether it is finding solutions to engage a small talent pool for a niche position or being able to stay ahead of the competition that is fighting to get the best quality candidate on the market. With the resources at our disposal and strong partnerships internally with ORS, we learn, adapt, and create solutions for each obstacle that comes our way to help ensure our client gets the best talent.  


Family Photo-1

Aston and his family


Tell us about something you like to do outside of work. 

While I do enjoy listening to podcasts to gain more knowledge of the talent acquisition industry, my favorite thing to do after work is spend time with my loving wife and my goofball princess enjoying life and learning new things together 


Who or what inspires you?

Being a husband and father, there is nothing more motivating or inspiring than knowing that every day you go to work, you are fighting for them. You're fighting to set the best example of what it means to strive for excellence and being bold enough to make a difference in those around you.  


Happy EmmyAston's daughter, Emmy


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