Meet the Team: Ben Rance

Position: Associate Talent Consultant
Location: West Chester, PA  
Joined ORS: January 2019
Alma Mater:  Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (Go Huskies!)

Why did you choose ORS?  

I was referred by a friend who told me about his experience coming from a similar situation. After meeting the team and understanding what ORS Partners' values and missions were, I felt very aligned.  


What do your family members think you do for work? 

My family members think that I am a part of a larger team that helps grow and scale businesses. They understand there are different roles within our organization, but we all work toward the same goal of helping our clients succeed.  


How would you describe a recruiter versus a talent consultant? 

This has been one of the most difficult things I’ve come across while in this position. What I believe is that we are a two-sided business that focuses not only on our client, but candidates as well. We are able to do more than just ‘fill positions’ - we can also better someone’s career and leave a lasting impact on them.


What has been the most exciting or rewarding project you’ve taken part in while at ORS? 

Every project that I’ve supported or worked on and every colleague I have partnered with has always provided me with great takeaways and learning opportunities. All of that experience led me to my most rewarding project of serving as the lead consultant on a new client. I feel trusted with the opportunity and have been given all of the necessary tools to make me successful.


What is most challenging about your position? 

Finding different and new methods to use to keep up to date with the industry. There is always a need for hiring, but finding these candidates is the difficult part. Being innovative and reinventing the wheel when needed is a key part of our responsibilities.  


Image from iOS (7)

Ben enjoying kayaking


Tell us about something you like to do outside of work. 

Growing up in the Poconos led me to be a very outdoorsy person. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, and anything else active outside. My father and I (both diehard fans) have been going to Buffalo Bills games consecutively for the past 16 years. I also box and participate in MMA, things I have been interested in for years after leaving organized sports in school. 


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Ben and his dad at a Buffalo Bills game


Name something on your bucket list.

I have a long bucket list but I’ll condense it to short term & long term: Short term, I want to participate in a professional eating competition. There is no specific food that I want to eat, however, I am usually hungry and have a large appetite. With that combination, I feel I would be very successful. Long term, I would love to hike the 211 mile long John Muir trail located in California.


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