Meet the Team: Cole German

Position: Associate Talent Consultant  
Location: Newtown, PA  
Joined ORS: May 2019  
Alma Mater:  Charleston Southern University 


Why did you choose ORS?  

I chose ORS for multiple reasons. The team first culture that ORS promotes is fantastic and great to be a part of. I also loved the consultative aspect of ORS's business which offers the opportunity to learn and be a part of so many great clients in a multitude of industries. 

ORS Yoga DayCole (far left) and ORS team members during Wellness Week 2019


What do your family members think you do for work? 

Both of my parents have worked in Human Resources so they have a pretty good idea of what I do. With that being said, if they didn’t have any HR experience I'm sure they would be a little confused on what my day to day looks like!


How would you describe a recruiter versus a talent consultant? 

I think there is a big difference between the two. As a recruiter, your job is primarily to focus on filling the open positions in your pipeline. Being a consultant has a broad range of responsibilities. Beyond the day to day of filling jobs, you must completely immerse yourself in your clients culture and process. You are responsible for not only filling the jobs in your pipeline, but also being an advocate for process efficiency and positive change. Many companies that we work with do not have fully established HR/Recruiting departments so as consultants, it is our job to help shape these processes and give insight into talent acquisition best practices.


What has been the most exciting or rewarding project you’ve taken part in while at ORS? 

The most rewarding project that I've worked on here at ORS is when I worked as a Recruiting Operations Consultant for our client InstaMed. This project gave me an opportunity to work closely with Sr. Management and Executive team members at the client. It really helped me expand my knowledge of recruiting and business.


What is most challenging about your position? 

I would say that the most challenging part of my position is that the work can sometimes be unpredictable. Things can change very fast in this industry and you are required to pivot and be flexible to ensure that the job gets done. On the other side, every day is exciting because no two are the same. You never know what will come up and I think that being kept on your toes like that is a great thing.


Tell us about something you like to do outside of work. 

I have a real passion for playing guitar, being with friends and familyand hanging out with my 2 year old chocolate lab, Chuck.

Chuck Pic



Name something on your bucket list.

I think if I had to choose one bucket list activity it would be to backpack through Europe. I love getting to experience and dive into other cultures.


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