Meet the Team: Jenna Truitt

Position: Senior Talent Consultant 
Location: North Wales, PA
Joined ORS: October 2016 
Alma Mater: West Chester University  

Why did you choose ORS?  

I chose ORS because I knew I would have the opportunity to work with several different clients in a variety of industries. In addition, I enjoyed getting a glimpse into ORS’ culture during the interview process. Everyone I spoke to was kind, energetic, and had a true passion for what they do. 


How would you describe a recruiter versus a talent consultant? 

A recruiter’s main focus is to find a candidate for an open position and fill the job. Along with doing this, a talent consultant also has to be a true partner and genuinely have their client’s best interest at heart. In addition to finding top talent, a talent consultant takes on added responsibilities, such as improving current processes in place, looking at the business impact of the role, providing recommendations in different areas of the business, etc. 


What has been the most exciting or rewarding project you’ve taken part in while at ORS? 

This is a tough question, because I feel like each client has taught me something in my career, but one of the most rewarding projects I have worked on was during my time at CenTrak. I was exposed to many areas of the business and was able to build out their team across all departments. Additionally, I was able to form a great rapport and partnership with C-Suite individuals, which allowed me to learn a lot about their leadership styles, the industry, business needs, etc. 


What is most challenging about your position? 

The most challenging thing about my position is not having control over every situation. For example, I am unable to have control over candidates actively seeking other attractive opportunities despite trying to retain them in an ever-changing marketplace. I constantly seek to engage top talent, so knowing that these individuals are highly sought after can be challenging but it is all part of the fun! 


What skills make someone successful at ORS?

Skills that make someone successful at ORS are being able to pivot and adapt! Our business is constantly changing, our clients ever changing, and it’s our responsibility to take that in stride! Keeping your client's best interest in the forefront is crucial.  


Tell us about something you like to do outside of work. 

Family is a huge part of my life and I love being Aunt Nena” to my twin Niece and Nephew, Max & Addy! 

Max & AddyJenna's niece and nephew, Max & Addy.

Who or what inspires you?

My husband, Mike. I know, I know – how cliché! It is true though! Mike has overcome many obstacles in his life and is an extremely hardworking and dedicated individual. I have never known him to give less than 100% at anything he does, and I truly am inspired by him daily 

Jenna & MikeJenna and her husband, Mike.


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