Meet the Team: Maria Jordan

Position: Associate Talent Consultant
Location: Norristown, PA  
Joined ORS: January 2020
Alma Mater:  Jackson State University 

Why did you choose ORS?  

One of the main reasons why I chose ORS was because ORS presented the opportunity to learn how to find talent for different clients in various industries.


What do your family members think you do for work? 

My family members think that I work in Human Resources. 


How would you describe a recruiter versus a talent consultant? 

In my opinion, the biggest difference between a recruiter and a talent consultant is expanding upon the confidence, creativity, and industry knowledge to suggest different strategies and resources that will resolve hiring challenges.  


What has been the most exciting or rewarding project you’ve taken part in while at ORS? 

I really enjoyed supporting Catapult Learning! They provide special education services to schools across the U.S.. That hit home for me because my dad was a special education teacher, and I enjoyed telling him that I was working with a client he is familiar with that is doing lots of good in the world.  


What is most challenging about your position? 

The most challenging part of my position is making sure that I dont get attached to every candidate I interview or work with throughout an application process. It can be tough letting them know that they did not get the position.


Tell us about something you like to do outside of work. 

I like to spend time with my family!


Maria enjoying some time outside


Name something on your bucket list.

I want to see the “Seven Wonders of the World”. 



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