The ORS Course #1 Q321

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The following is a brand new addition to the ORS Partners Executive Search team. Every quarter, The ORS Course promises to deliver executive search updates, insights into the world of recruiting and the industries we work with, as well as pieces of advice, all backed up by the years of experience and data we have cultivated since ORS' founding in 2012.

Below you will get to hear about what the Executive Search team has discovered, including new employees and positions we filled for our clients this past quarter, as well as advice, tips, and tricks when it comes to how you should run your business. We hope you are just as excited as we are for a new chapter for ORS Executive Search.

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New Employees

  • Eric McInnis joined ORS in June 2021, serving as the Executive Search Analyst for the team. Eric is in charge of developing position profiles, developing target company lists, and sourcing candidates through several online platforms.

New Positions Filled

  • Senior Director of Client Development at Cobalt Software filled by Chase LeBlanc in July 2021
  • Director of Project Management at Vybe filled by Gina Biondy in July 2021
  • Director of Benefit Services at CONFIDENTIAL filled by Barbara Bensinger in September 2021

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Work From Home

    A common stereotype with working at home is there are too many distractions, so there’s less productivity. That’s not true. A study by Stanford says working from home increases productivity by 13%. This is because of a quieter working environment, as well as fewer breaks and sick days. The same study also shows improvements in work satisfaction.
     Working from home also benefits people who are out of state or are unable to leave their homes. Many of the employees here at ORS work at home on account of childcare duties. This helps said employees feel more comfortable taking care of their families at a time when childcare is both limited and expensive.

    ORS is also now able to recruit candidates from outside the state. We have many people who work in Texas, far away from our Pennsylvania headquarters. Yet despite the distance, working from home still has them delivering consistent, well-done work for our company.

    The downside, however, is with communication. People prefer face-to-face when it comes to talking with coworkers. And while most folks have a strong Internet connection, there’s still a significant number of the population, an estimated 35 percent in fact, that don’t have the needed speed for online video communication.

    At least from ORS CEO Terry Williams, an even more significant concern is for younger workers fresh out of college. “They [might] not get the right social direction from their peers. That’s my only concern. Though the jury is still out”. While every work generation is different, this is a point of concern in the interconnected job market. Socialization is a necessity in the workplace, and a hybrid model, while able to achieve that idea, can still potentially lead to distant and cold relationships.

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Work At The Office

    There’s nothing better than being with the people you work with. Even if it’s just as simple as sitting next to another worker, there is something nice over being in a workplace full of other people moving around the building. There is something great about collaborating with folks right in front of you or just chatting with people during a coffee break.

    At ORS, we pride ourselves in creating a sense of community, and having people in our office each day allows us to make bonds and friendships.

    Our clients understand that, too, so they often want us to find local people in the area but fit in with the culture and dynamics they have cultivated over the years. Having people in the office is almost necessary for startups trying to get their footing because it gives a greater sense of community and a stronger foundation.
     This collaboration only helps encourage creativity. Ideas can be bounced off one another easier when folks are in the same room. This will only benefit businesses when it comes to growth strategies and gaining and maintaining clients. Innovation can come from a remote or hybrid situation. However, the more accessible expression of free ideas does have its advantages and can still give businesses a leg up in the competitive market.

    However, you must travel if you want to get to the company offices. And that sadly has a lot of complications. So much of a job involves travel, so productivity goes down. You’re also much more limited in terms of applicants. You can’t look for people too far away, or they’ll have a long commute and barely get any work done. Because you’re so limited, a potentially great applicant that lives far away will slip from your fingers if they don’t wish to relocate.

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Work Hybrid

      The most popular approach CEOs are moving towards as we are near the end of the pandemic. According to our data, more than 60% of our clients are using a hybrid work model. ORS CEO Terry Williams has stated this is going to be the future for most companies.

  This is being adopted more by companies and for good reasons. By allowing people the option to come into the office or work at home, you get the best of both worlds and a lot of flexibility. People can get face-to-face interaction and be more productive all at once. Suppose somebody feels more comfortable in one location over another. In that case, they get to decide where they work, which helps boost employee morale and offers a sense of ownership in their decisions.

    Of course, this can also lead to inconsistencies and communication issues. It can be challenging to stay on top of who is at home and who isn’t, and there will be moments where a needed face-to-face conversation can’t happen because one person is scheduled to work from home. Of course, this isn’t a huge problem because any of these issues can be patched up through scheduling, but it can still be a problem, nonetheless.

  However, regardless of what we say, the most important thing to remember is that your choice comes down to what you feel is best for your business. Every business is built differently, and it’s essential to recognize that no glove fits everybody. It’s up to you to decide how you want your business to be run, how far you want your hiring pool to be, and what will be the most efficient use to keep your company strong and alive. But we can only hope our insight, as a company that focuses on recruiting and helping companies scale, will lead you down the right path. Please feel free to reach out to anybody at ORS if you want to discuss this issue.

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Job Blast

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management – Confidential Position Summary: This position asks applicants to lead all RCM functions to maximize reimbursements for the company. The job requires a strong knowledge of medical billing, specifically processes like verification, documentation, billing, QA, A/R, and denial management, among others. Strong communication skills are also needed, as the job requires consulting with fellow executives and leaders across all facets of the company.

Hiring Status: Early Stages


Vice President, Supply Chain

Company: Gentex

Location: Carbondale, PA or Manchester, NH

Position Summary: Gentex needs somebody to guide the supply chain. Responsibilities here include developing the process for demand & fulfillment, taking charge of the monthly Sales Inventory Operations & Planning, and adjusting other programs and activity. This is all done to keep the supply chain alive and moving swiftly, allowing for quality production at a solid pace. Strong leadership and communication are a must here.

Hiring Status: Currently interviewing.


Vice President, Information Technology

Company: Vybe urgent care

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Position Summary: This requires overseeing Vybe’s information systems, in its design, development, implementation, and security. The VP will also hire, train, and oversee the IT department and its employees. Applicants need a thorough understanding of technology and Information Systems, possess incredible problem-solving and leadership skills, as well as experience in computer science, business administration, or equivalent fields.

Hiring Status: Early Stages


Vice President, Talent Acquisition

Company: Freedom Mortgage

Location: Mt. Laurel, NJ

Position Summary: Freedom Mortgage is looking for a great VP for Talent Acquisition. This candidate “will be responsible for leading the entire candidate experience and Talent Acquisition Community across all stakeholders…[they] will ensure that every potential employee has the very best candidate experience, coach our hiring managers to hire boldly and inclusively, [and] partner with agency leaders to drive their growth agenda”.

Hiring Status: Currently interviewing


Director Of Operations

Company: Gentex

Location: Manchester, NH

Position Summary: A leader in military air and ground defense Situational Awareness products, Gentex is looking for a new Director of Operations. This job entails looking over the Quality Management, Facilities and Operations Teams, leading these teams and setting them up for success in the future through a variety of methods.

Hiring Status: Currently interviewing.


Chief Technology Officer

Company: Freedom Mortgage Corporation

Location: Mount Laurel, NJ

Position Summary: Freedom Mortgage is looking for the right person with the technical know-how and leadership for their next CTO. The CTO is asked to “lead all aspects of the management, vision, development, support, and delivery of the next generation technology for Freedom and their customers”. They must be a strong leader and the up-to-date knowledge of technology standards and trends.

Hiring Status: Currently interviewing


Sales General Manager – National Strategic Accounts & Programs

Company: Marlin Capital Solutions

Location: Mt Laurel Township, NJ

Position Summary: Marlin is known for being an incredible lender for small businesses for over 20 years. They are now in the search for a determined leader who can drive the development and production of new strategic accounts and grow already existing accounts. They must have experience in sales and leadership and a sharp business and financial acumen.

Hiring Status: Currently interviewing


General Manager and Head of Sales

Company: Fastems

Location: West Chester, OH

Position Summary: Fastemsprides itself on their high-end manufacturing systems and services, improving the productivity and profitability ofmetalworkingmanufacturers. Fastems is looking for a General Manager, a job with three main components; Sales Leader, who will take charge on US sales strategies, team development, and negotiations; Operations Leader, who ensures fluent and seamless cooperation between our US and Finland branches; and a Culture Leader, who will represent the culture and values Fastems proudly displays.

Hiring Status: Currently interviewing


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DE&I - The Need To Listen 

     One of the biggest pitfalls in communication, especially in business, is the inability to listen. In today's globalist economy, people will interact with folks of various cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. It's a beautiful feeling, working with people who possess skills and insight you have never experienced before. Companies also thrive when they have a strong sense of diversity. Diverse companies often over-perform compared to the average company.

  However, not many businesses utilize diversity properly. It isn’t as simple as finding competent employees from a gender or cultural minority. Because all employees have their unique backgrounds, there can be clashes between people from two different worlds. This can have some adverse side effects when it comes to company morale and overall productivity. Yet what’s important to realize there is a straightforward tool to follow to have an efficient, diverse business culture. Simply put, you just listen.

  The one element of conversation many ignore is listening. People often get wrapped up in their thoughts and ideas or refuse to hear a different opinion. Yet listening makes every situation better. Listening allows you to understand people and absorb information better and build a stronger relationship with others. This is vital in business because you are required to interact and acquaint yourself with dozens upon dozens of people with their insights, ideas, and personalities. By taking the time to listen and hear their perspective, you will find yourself improving your relationships, your business quality, and your overall professionalism.

    Of course, there’s more to listening than just staying quiet and letting others talk. There needs to be active listening within these conversations. Active listening is where you are fully engaged and immersed in what they are saying. By just staying quiet and only passively hearing the other side, there’s no sense of trust or connection. And when it comes to working, the inability to actively listen means problems can’t be solved and showcases you as impatient, ignorant, and unwilling to hear from other perspectives.

  So how do you actively listen? The task is simple. Make eye contact when the other person speaks, don’t interrupt, and try not to think about your reply while they are saying. The last part is tricky to do, as internal dialogue is a bad habit everybody deals with. Yet, it’s important to tell your brain to avoid those kinds of distractions. Most importantly, stay neutral while listening. Having an open mind allows you to listen without any judgment or bias, which will enable unique viewpoints to flourish.



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