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Quarterly Newsletter by Eric McInnis

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After our incredibly strong debut in 2021, The ORS Course has returned. Again, we promise to deliver Executive Search Team updates, insights into the world of recruiting and the industries we work with, as well as tips and tricks, thanks to the years of experience and data we have cultivated since our humble beginnings. 

We're excited you will get to hear about what the Executive Search Team has been up to, including new employees and positions we filled this past quarter, and what you, as a business owner, should prioritize as we continue into 2022. 

We hope this will serve as an exciting read and will hopefully spark inspiration for your next quarter. 


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New Employees 

  • Conner Annunziato was promoted to a Senior Consultant. Congratulations! 
  • Karley Schrey left the Executive Search team in February to pursue a role working with a non-profit. We wish her the absolute best as she advances her career and enjoys this amazing new opportunity. 

New Positions Filled

  • ORS partnered with NextGenTV company, Evoca to place, Denise Robbins as the SVP of Growth Marketing. 
  • Fastems, an automation company focusing on steel part manufacturing, hired Nathan Turner from Rockwell Automation in the role of President, Americas. 
  • Philadelphia's own vybe urgent care hired James Romero as their new VP of Technology. 
  • Barbara Edouard, will join education management company, Full Bloom as their HR Business Partner for one of their growing businesses .

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2021 was a transitional period for the greater world of business. 2020 lockdowns and social distancing slowed many industries to a complete stop, while the following year still had supply chain and labor issues aplenty. Early in 2022, the Omicron variant of the coronavirus caused concern amongst the public, in turn limiting travel and crowding hospitals. While some locations are still working to reduce the stress on the medical system, the world has decided to manage the virus as an endemic. With the war in the Ukraine, and continued supply chain issues, it is difficult to predict the future. 

 However, there’s still insights from prognosticators into what could happen. Places like Deloitte, PWC, and others have discussed their 2022 predictions earlier in January. Both in a broad sense and within specific industries. Below are just some of what you can expect in 2022, whether it be in your field or within the general economy. 



Work from home: 

What was once a temporary aspect of COVID-19 lockdowns is now expected to be a standard for the average career. The hybrid model will be a very popular choice for most workers, so it is necessary to focus on making this a priority in your office, if possible. 

Accommodations like these not only result in happier employees, but you can pull from a wider pool of applicants, allowing for even greater potential results for company scale and revenue growth.


Focus on employee retention: 

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, finding new hires in 2021 proved to be a monumental challenge. Retaining employees has been even worse, as workers are becoming more and more tired and annoyed at the conditions and salaries at their current jobs. This trend is likely to continue into 2022. This only means companies need to go above and beyond to make sure they stand out for prospective job seekers and maintain the people they already have. This means there will be a push for stronger retention. Tactics could include better compensation and salaries, better working conditions, and more job flexibility. These are necessary additions for employers and their budgets if they want their company to stay afloat. 


Improving the leadership skills: 

A common issue we have seen when it comes to discussing the issue of retention with our clients, from our eyes, comes from poor upper management. Employees deserve better and will refuse to work under bad conditions. In some cases, while it can be tough to swallow pride, you will have to acknowledge the people in charge and recognize they could be the root cause for your company’s turnover issues.

While people would put up with bad managers before, the advent of remote and hybrid working allows for greater opportunities and, possibly, better work environments as a result. Workers can leave their positions more easily when they do not have to consider relocation or extensive travel. In the competitive world of business, companies are evolving. 



Above all else, the most crucial part of 2022 is that higher-ups will be, or at least should be, more transparent in the workplace. Employees are consistently left in the dark or are unaware about changes within 

the businesses they work for. This only makes workers more frustrated with their position, leading to less productivity, high turnover and employment branding issues. 

Being transparent and honest about the company, even when facing challenges, allows an openness and greater connection between the managers and employees. Therefore, it makes the latter feel as if they are an active part of the team and general conversation. 

 AtEven at ORS, we have emphasized the need for transparency. What used to be engagement surveys has been far more personal and  

honest, with face-to-face interviews between the managers and our frontline employees, tackling difficult decisions that would previously be ignored, and focus on empowering our managers to hold our employees accountable, but in a more flexible, thoughtful way. 

 Some of our clients are already taking part in initiatives and plans to help keep a sense of transparency and awareness to the entire company. Town halls where everybody is active, company updates that are completely honest, and even attempts to boomerang former staff or candidates who left due to previously poor conditions. These initiatives thus inspire the entire workforce will be inspired to do better and improve themselves. 

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Vice President, Partnerships

Company: Benefits Data Trust

Location: Philadelphia, PA 

Position Summary: A nonprofit that prides itself on helping people get easier access to benefits and services, BDT needs a leader for the partnerships team. This means managing relationships with states and cities across the country via government agencies and community-based organizations, as well as deepening the company’s brand presence. Folks need at least 15 years of experience working in fast-paced organizations in a senior-level operation. 

Hiring Status: Early Stages 



Company: Energy Focus 

Location: Greater Cleveland Area 

Position Summary: As a proud industry-leading and energy-efficient innovator for LED lighting technology, Energy Focus is known for having a strong sense of ingenuity and passion within the company. Therefore, this Cleveland-based organization wants the absolute best in charge of the company. As CEO, it’s expected for applicants to have excellent managerial and financial skills, extensive leadership experiences, and a strong game plan to scale Energy Focus into a greater company than before. 

Hiring Status: Early stages 


Senior Director, Human Resources

Company: Energy Focus 

Location: Greater Cleveland Area 

Position Summary: Energy Focus is also looking for somebody to lead the Human Resources division. Responsibilities involve developing policies, processes, and other initiatives that support the company’s goals and strategies for staffing, recruiting, and retention. Strong communication, strategy planning and leadership skills is a must, as well as 8-10 years in HR leadership. 

Hiring Status: Early stages 


Wealth Sales Manager

Company: AIX 

Location: Philadelphia, PA 

Position Summary: This digital company improves the process for investing into alternatives and enables growth for many industries. The job involves growing the firm by cultivating strategic relationships and sales opportunities, as well as bringing in new wealth clients into the AIX digital platform. Applicants need lengthy experience working in the financial services industry and a strong background in financial technology, as well as success working in large teams and with executive teams and leaders. 


Personal Business Manager 

Company: SEI Private Wealth Management 

Location: Seattle, WA 

Position Summary: SEI Private Wealth Management (PWM) delivers wealth management offerings to individuals and families with net worth ranging between $5 million and $250 million. As a Personal Business Manager, applicants will develop strategy plans for clients, as well as build and manage client relationships. Individuals must be organized, process-oriented, and can handle managing people and a goals-based investment process. 

Hiring Status: Early stages 


Vice President, Human Resources  

Company: vybe urgent care 

Location: Philadelphia, PA 

Position Summary: This position asks applicants to lead and oversee the Human Resources division, focusing on policies and procedures, as well as implementing long-term strategy goals. The job requires excellent communication skills, a thorough knowledge and understanding of employment rules and regulations, and a minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or another related field 

Hiring Status: Early Stages 



Company: Data Inventions 

Location: Erie, PA or Hybrid 

Position Summary: Start-up looking for a CEO to help them fundraise as well as run the company operationally. Data Inventions is a software company built specifically to make discrete manufacturers more efficient, effective, and profitable by accessing data previously trapped in machines and cumbersome manual processes. Candidates who have experience in selling to mid-size manufacturers and shown the ability to turn companies around quickly are the key attributes. 

Hiring Status: Early stages 


Senior Product Manager


Location: Remote 

Position Summary: Noted for being the first company to create AI- powered stroke detection, is looking for an experienced and hard- working Senior Product Manager. You will be asked to lead market research efforts, develop business cases for new products and features to the Viz Platform, and work with numerous team leaders to help analyze market challenges and create commercial solutions. For people with experience in start-up environments and SaaS Product Manager positions, as well as a passion for improving the lives of potential stroke patients, an application is a must. 

Hiring Status: Currently interviewing 

DE&I-Be The Change

Within the past year, there’s been a long overdue push in companies to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion. This often means developing an entire department within Human Resources focused on diversity. This includes education and training modules to current employees, as well as outreach for new, diverse hires. It’s helpful for sure, but not every company has the funds or infrastructure for this kind of support. And with DE&I teams more in demand than ever, the pool isn’t as wide as one might think. 

While we have our own DE&I department, and a very successful one, it’s important to remember that while a department is valuable, there’s more than just a department. A strong culture throughout the entire organization is vital.  Frankly, a lot of the responsibilities for a quality, diverse market lies on a strong leadership and the imperative to improve one’s self. The following are just a few ways you can improve DE&I within your company without the need of an entire department. 

#1. Acknowledge Your Own Biases:

Simply put, we’re not perfect. And the first step to anything is acknowledging that we’re not perfect. Note your personal biases, acknowledge your mistakes, and think about how you can improve yourself for the better as you try to be a more active, more thoughtful, more inclusive person. 

#2. Accountability 

Being accountable for your own actions is always important. If you make a mistake, own up to it and strive to improve yourself. The process might not be a short one, but it benefits all parties in the end. At the same time, it’s necessary to hold others accountable for their actions as well. If a fellow co-worker says something potentially offensive, make sure to tell Human Resources about these issues, so that everybody has themselves on a standard.


#3. Encourage New Voices 

Especially for new recruits who are still trying to make their mark on your business. Giving people a platform at meetings or conferences not only boosts their own confidence and sense of belonging, but also can result in new, bold strategies and growth insights, allowing your company to scale to new areas and demographics. 

#4. Branch Out Your Social Circle 

Within hiring, one’s personal network is the biggest advantage. Knowing the right people and becoming acquainted with popular figures in a field is what helps many get into a good position in their career in the first place. But not everyone has that luxury. Therefore, it’s up to you to get out of your own social bubble. Find interesting people that fit your company, hold social networking events, and branch away from your own upbringing and background in favor of folks with their own unique history and education. 


#5. Take the Time to Listen 

Above all else, the tool of listening can do wonders in encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion. This was discussed in the previous newsletter, but it always bears repeating. Giving others different from you a platform to speak and express their viewpoints is necessary, but it’s worthless if you do not take their words to heart. Just staying engaged and giving a conversation the weight it deserves really makes everybody happy in the end and encourages all types of employees to apply to your company. 






























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